Studies in Orthodox Hermeneutics: A Festschrift in Honor of Theodore G. Stylianopoulos, επιμέλεια έκδοσης E. J. Pentiuc-J. Fotopoulos-B. N. Beck, Holy Cross Orthodox Press, Brookline, Massachusetts 2016


Foreword, Archbishop Demetrios, Geron of America   …xxv

Preface, The Editors   …xxvii

I. Interpreting the Bible

1. The Case of Zacchaeus: Meditative Comments on Luke 19:1-10, Archbishop Demetrios, Geron of America …3

2. Echoes of Exodus: Typology and Identity in the Gospel according to Mark, Bruce N. Beck …14

3. Social Justice: A Biblical Principle in Contemporary Demand, Antonios Finitsis …39

4. Orthodox Christianity and Historical Criticism of the Bible, John Fotopoulos …57

5. The Entrance of Jesus in Jerusalem according to the Gospel of Matthew, Moschos Goutzioudis  …80

6. The Relationship between the Septuagint and the Hebrew Bible in Origen’s Exegesis: The Example of Isaiah 7:14, Christos Karakolis …95

7. From the Historical Jesus to Jesus Christ of the Gospel According to John, loannis Karavidopoulos …105

8. The Provenance of the Caliphate Church: James 2:17-26 and Galatians Reconsidered, Vasiliki M. Limberis …124

9. Transforming Thanksgiving: Psalm 30, Personhood, and Parish, Harry S. Pappas …151

10. Confounding Foes and Counseling Friends: Parresia in the Fourth Gospel and the Classical World, George L. Parsenios …172

11. The Nature of the Resurrected Bodies in 2 Baruch and the New Testament, Eugen J. Pendiuc …202

12. Jesus and the Woman with the Issue of Blood: An Unlikely Meeting (Mark 5:25-34; Matt 9:20-22; Luke 8:43-48), Despina D. Prassas  …233

13. Biblical Anthropology: Why the Patristic Distinction between Image and Likeness Matters, Nicolae Roddy …251

14. Intratextual Strategies in the Gospel of Mark: The Resurrection Narrative and the Healing of the Possessed Boy Narratives (Mark 9:14-29), Ekaterini G. Tsalampouni …274

15. Beyond the Liturgy vs. Ethics Divide in Biblical Hermeneutics: The Trajectory in Early Church from Q to John via Paul, Petros Vassiliadis …292

II. Bible and Theology in the Life of the Church

16. The Apocalypse of the Cross: The Gospel of John and the Beginning of Christian Theology, John Behr …313

17. Antiochene Theoria and “Holistic” Eschatology, John Breck …348

18. The Sunday Lucan Pericopes in the Byzantine Lectionary: A Guide for Seminarians and Homilists, Alkiviadis C. Calivas …364

19. Lex Ornandi est Lex Credendi: The Witness of the Byzantine Ordination Rite of the Female Deacon, Kyriaki A. Karidoyanes FitzGerald …384

20. A Theologian’s Contribution to Christian Unity, Thomas FitzGerald …402

21. Palladius of Helenopolis and the Tradition of Origenist Scriptural Interpretation, Demetrios S. Katos  …417

22. Exegesis and Metaphysic in Origen’s Biblical Philosophy, John A. McGuckin …434

23. Miscellanea Canonica: Responses to Canonical Irregularities, Dr. Lewis J. Patsavos …451

24. Sanctity and Holiness in Byzantium, James C. Skedros …479

The Academic Life and Publications of Theodore G. Stylianopoulos …499

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